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Performer, Writer, Artist, Instructor, Assistant

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Jules is a queer, nonbinary Canadian performer, writer, voice instructor, stage manager, artist, virtual assistant and graduate of Randolph College for the Performing Arts. They have been singing and performing for nearly 15 years and writing all their life. An avid reader and mythology enthusiast, Jules is just as likely to wax poetic about philosophy or comedy specials, and dreams of someday living in a cabin where they can entertain their 
imagination,surround themselves with books, and hopefully gaze dramatically into the rain from a cozy window seat. 
They have a lot of experience creating original work; largely written, such as fiction, poetry, lyrics, monologues, scripts, and so on. They are currently working on multiple writing projects, and during college they collaborated with others to write the script and libretto for an original (incomplete) musical. Creating is their favourite thing to do, in whichever form it takes. Whether art, writing, music, movement, or simply daydreaming, they love it all.



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