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My name is Jules Sherwood, and my pronouns are she/they! See below for more info about me (but only if you want to).

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My Story

Well hello there! If you're reading this, I guess you want to know a bit more about me – or you're curious about what kind of background I have in regard to editing.

Where to begin. I began writing at a very young age (we're talking six years old) and have continued to hone my skills ever since. I've delved into poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, and so on, and I just love creating. I was a complete nerd in highschool – especially in English Class – and you couldn't have dragged me away from my books if you tried. I've always enjoyed editing, and as a writer myself I understand the deep connections we have with our work and how precious it is. My goal is to give you the most positive experience possible throughout the editing process, and to give you both useful and encouraging feedback.

Beyond writing, I've trained in singing, acting, and dancing for years, (I even went to college for it) and I have a huge appreciation for the arts. I think every artist brings something of value to the table, and that includes writers! As I already mentioned, I'm an avid reader, and a mythology enthusiast. I'm just as likely to wax poetic about philosophy or comedy specials, and I dream of someday living in a cabin where I can entertain my imagination, surround myself with books, and hopefully gaze dramatically into the rain from a cozy window seat.

These days, I'm enjoying myself here in Ottawa. Exploring the city, thrifting, and occassionally blogging. If you're interested in checking out my blog, just click here.

I think that about does it, so for now I'll just say: I can't wait to experience your stories - hope to chat soon!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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